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Moving Goalposts

What the heck just happened ? 2020 was suppose to be this glorious transition at the end of the year, the start of Kandanga Kitchen 2.0. Humming with clinging cups and the murmuring of customers filling in the void. Instead, it has been one of making the decision to close 2 businesses in our home town of Kandanga, a retail space, Kandangasaurus and the cafe, Kandanga Kitchen.

The change hasn't been easy for either of us and has been filled with endless boxes to move, a mother who had a major heart attack followed by a stroke, a small week long mental breakdown, a house move and the transition for both of us into new jobs (which we are very thankful for).

But this isn't a blog to say woe is us.The change has allowed us to see where our focus hadn't been for the past 3 years. Family & friends.

We had built both businesses on making strangers feel welcome and to invite them into our family. It's in our nature to do that and one that makes us both happy. However, behind the scenes the early morning shifts, the weekend work and the administration of small business didn't give us the opportunity to spend time with our own family. This was a choice on our part. Our original intention was to reopen the cafe in a new location by the end of the year but a few months after closing we chose differently.

The Two Of Us is our choice to do things a little different this time around. It's our opportunity to still play delightfully in the hospitality space whilst welcoming new friends into our life, catering that allows us to get back to grass roots and spend more time with our customers having a chat about what makes them tick but catering that also allows us to regain time behind the scenes to see our family.

We hope that you understand, we hope that you spread the news of The Two Of Us far and wide. We are both a little scared as we don't want to let down our loyal customers over the years by not reopening a cafe at present but with fingers and toes crossed the new journey will be just as exciting as it has been over the past 3 years and with all our tanks full the only ones to benefit will be you our customer.

It's funny how life sometimes throws us lemons isn't it ? But in typical fashion we will always make lemonade out of it but with a twist.

What reflections have you found in 2020 ?

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